Guided tour of the historical monument

Take your time to discover the Prémontrés Abbey, a patrimonial jewel of the 18th century at the heart of the city of Pont-à-Mousson, during guided tours organized by its cultural center. This trip in company of a mediator will allow you to look at this admirable monument in a new light, through the pages of its history, its atypical architecture and its grand restoration works which took place in the last few years.


During an hour-long moment of discovery and exchange, you will be given many keys to understand the institutional and architectural importance of the Abbey. It left an impact on the destiny of both the city of Pont-à-Mousson and of Lorraine. You will be told the history of the Prémontrés, a regular order of canons established in Pont-à-Mousson around 1608, as well as the different transformation phases that followed the French Revolution. The canons had to leave the Abbey, which went from being a place of worship to being a small seminar, and from a hospital to a cultural center. The evocation of past events and explicatory comments on the architectural particularities of this 18th century treasure will be accompanied by the visit of the historical spaces. The Abbey church, the canon’s refectory, the boiler room, or the large staircase will be some of the many steps of this tour, completed by the visit of the gardens if the weather allows it.

A wonderful occasion to admire, question and understand the architecture around us.

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Additional dates

Federal cycling week

During the federal cycling week, the abbey offers guided tours of the monument each day to cyclists and those accompanying them:

July 22nd - 4 P.M.
July 23rd - 10 A.M.
July 24th - 4 P.M.
July 25th - 4 P.M.

July 26th - 10 A.M.
July 27th - 4 P.M.
July 28th - 4 P.M.
July 29th - 10 A.M.

> You can book your visit with Natasha Miclot by phone : 03 83 81 10 32 or by email :

Should you have any difficulty, please contact Natasha Miclot at 03 83 81 10 32 (Monday to Friday) or by email : Limited number of entries.


//Organization : Former Prémontrés Abbey cultural centre.//