Introduction to origami

The art of folding takes its roots in a long tradition originated from China dating back from the 2nd century before our era, when paper making was discovered. From the 7th century onward, this art form knew an unprecedented development in Japan. Known under the name of origami (oru- folding, kami –paper), this practice is associated to an everyday life symbolic rooted in the legend of one thousand origami cranes for Japanese people.

Spread out over the world, origami consists of folding a single square of paper several times to obtain all kinds of models, figurative or not, without cutting, sticking or adding materials and decoration to the final piece.

Accompanied by the Mouvement français des plieurs de papiers, several traditional or creative folding will be successively made in order to make the public discover the charming techniques of origami. This gesture learning will allow participants to go back home with a paper samurai created from an assembly of several, more or less complex foldings adapted to children or adult audiences. Indeed, from the yakko-san (the page) to the kabuto (the helmet), samurais were always a part of the traditional origami repertoire; a theme modern creators have continued to develop.


A workshop for children and a workshop for adults will be hosted by Aurèle Duda, origami artist and president of the Mouvement français des plieurs de papiers. Since 1999, this association founded in 1978, organizes each year the “Rencontres de Mai”, which last for 4 days - from Ascension Day to the following Sunday - to rally prestigious guests and paper folders from all around the world. Aside from that traditional meeting, the members of the association organize origami workshops, exhibitions, intervene in conventions, general assemblies, etc.



You can register directly online. Should you have any difficulty, please contact Natasha Miclot at +33 3 83 81 10 32 (Mondat to Friday) or by email : Limited number of entries.


> Online registration for the children workshop

> Online regisration for the adult workshop

//Organization :  Former Prémontrés Abbey cultural centre in partnership with Aurèle Duda and the Mouvement Français des Plieurs de Papier association.//