from Valer

Born in the streets, urban art is a monumental, fleeting art that is the subject of more and more exhibitions in galleries and museums. This autumn, Prémontrés Abbey breaks new ground by inviting the artist Valer.

An artist from Nancy, he secretly took up graffiti with the association "Spray Lab". He changed his street name several times and then stopped hiding his identity in the early 2000s, tagging his works with Valer, short for Valerian. Meetings and encounters over the years in France, Luxembourg and Germany helped him become an active member in the graffiti community. Valer also creates outside of public spaces by producing works for different events. In 2017, he held his first exhibition at the Pavilion Poirel in Nancy.

At Prémontrés Abbey, the artist displays all kinds of emblematic and symbolic works, just like on the streets. His brand-new series, "After Paint Brush", created in collaboration with the Saint-Jean-de-l’Aigle faience manufactory, highlights the different techniques of graffiti. A can of spray paint accompanied by Valer's moulded hand becomes a unique self-portrait of the artist.

In the middle of the Calefactory Room (“Chauffoir”), Valer has recreated a section of the Berlin Wall to pay tribute to the freedom of expression that graffiti provides and to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the fall of the wall. He also presents the monument from a new perspective, following in the footsteps of countless artists who have been captivated by the Abbey's monumentality.



  • Performance during Heritage Days: the artist creates a work live.
  • Meet the artist on a guided tour.
  • Workshops for children to be determined.

// Organisation: Centre culturel de l’Abbaye des Prémontrés //