About Us

Since 1964, Prémontrés Abbey has been run by a non-profit association, operating under France’s 1901 law. The services and events organised at the Abbey (hotel, exhibitions, seminars, weddings and facility hire) fund the running of the abbey and work to promote it across Eastern France, and meet the association’s operating costs.

Grants from the Grand Est region enable the association to undertake restoration work to conserve this historic monument as a testament to the 18th century and the expertise of the period.

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The team

Thirty people work at the Abbey. We are committed to safeguarding its future, and thereby playing our part in conserving France’s architectural heritage.


Valérie DEBORD, Chair of the Board of Directors


Raoul ROCHAT, Managing Director


Fabrice AMÉ, Accountant

Christelle DAZA, Executive Assistant


Anne-Claire LAVIGNE, Sales Manager

Julie PARGON, Sales Executive

Marianne GOUGENNOT, Sales Executive

Culture, Heritage & Communications Division

Marisa DEFONTE, Culture & Heritage Officer

Natasha MICLOT, Communications and Social Media Officer

Reception and Accommodation Department

Nelly DEPUISET, Department Manager

Sandrine SHOENSTEIN, Assistant Department Manager

Esther LOPEZ, Head Housekeeper

Sylvie CHARTON, Receptionist

Léon NGUYEN, Receptionist

Émilie DUBIN, Receptionist

Pierre BEAUDOT, Night Receptionist

Sylvain LOSSEROY, Night Receptionist

Viviane LOSCH, Hotel Assistant

Iryna GILLET, Hotel Assistant

Zahra OUBAAZIZ, Hotel Assistant

Isabelle CALOT, Hotel Assistant

Patricia FABERT, Hotel Assistant

Technical Department

Olivier DAZA, Department Manager

Denis CHARTON, Technical Assistant

Hervé RENARD, Technical Assistant

Xavier GEORGIN, Technical Assistant

Alexandra ROBERT, Gardener

Julien PAQUOTTE, Gardener

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