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These terms and conditions apply to all users of the Prémontrés Abbey, Pont-à-Mousson website, under the provisions of France’s 21 June 2004 law for confidence in the digital economy, and as required by privacy and data protection legislation, in accordance with France’s data protection law of 6 January 1978, amended by the European data protection regulation of 27 April 2016 (EU Regulation 2016/679, or GDPR).


Identification and Presentation
Website owner : Centre Culturel de l’Ancienne Abbaye des Prémontrés de Pont-à-Mousson Association. A French non-profit organisation.

Head office and postal address : 9 rue Saint-Martin, F-54700 Pont-à-Mousson

Contact : +33 (0)

Registration numbers : SIREN: 783 345 994 / SIRET: 783 345 994 00025

Webmaster : Natasha Miclot

Publication Director : Association directors

Design, creation and hosting : Thuria Grand Est, Valparc - 18 rue du Parc, F-67205 Oberhausbergen (contact@thuria.com)

Acceptance of the terms and conditions
By using the www.abbayepremontres.com website, you accept expressly and without reserve all the conditions set out below. We, the Abbey association, reserve the right to amend or add to these terms and conditions at any time. Consequently, we remind you that it is important to read the guidance presented here carefully. By using this website, you accept these terms and conditions.

For technical maintenance reasons, website services may suffer interruptions at times, or the website may be temporarily unavailable. We can take no responsibility in such situations.

You confirm that you have the skills and technical equipment required to access the website. We are unable to take responsibility for any incident relating to the use of the site, or for any damage to your equipment or software.

Description of the services
The www.abbayepremontres.com website exists to present the various services and activities offered by the Centre Culturel association, and to provide information about them.

The information on this website is provided solely as a guide. The services listed on it do not constitute an exhaustive list, and we reserve the right to amend, add or remove services at any time. We are unable to take any responsibility for errors or omissions, whether caused through our own fault or by a third party.


Intellectual property
All elements on this website are covered by French intellectual property legislation.

We hold the proprietary interest and all usage rights for all elements of it: texts, photographs, reproductions of works, drawings, animations, images and slogans, including animated images and sounds, as well as all logos, icons and other graphic elements on the website.

Reproducing, representing, modifying, publishing or adapting any of the elements of the website listed above, in whole or in part, for commercial or advertising purposes, without our prior written permission constitutes unauthorised use or counterfeiting and may result in legal proceedings. In accordance with article L.122-5 of the French intellectual property code, reproduction is authorised solely for private and strictly personal purposes.

The other brands and graphic elements belonging to our partners which appear on this site remain their exclusive property and any unauthorised reproduction may result in legal proceedings.

Hypertext links
The www.abbayepremontres.com website contains a number of hypertext links to other websites, displayed with our authorisation. However, we have no right to inspect or check these third party websites and we are unable to take any responsibility for content or elements of any type displayed on them.

We may authorise third party websites to place links to content on www.abbayepremontres.com, subject to express written permission from the Director of the Centre Culturel association. In addition, we do not accept deep linking, and consequently the creation of such a link is subject to a specific, dedicated tab or page being used to display the abbey website.

We reserve the right to unilaterally delete links without justification, and to object to the creation of replacement links.

We assume no responsibility or liability for the content of websites to which our website is connected via links, either incoming or outgoing.


When you use the www.abbayepremontres.com website, cookies may be placed on your device. Cookies are small files containing information about the way a website is browsed. They aim to facilitate browsing during a return visit. They cannot be used to identify the user.

A cookie management pop-up appears when you arrive on the abbey website home page. You can click on this pop-up to set and manage your data logging preferences. You can modify these settings at any time via the cookie management link, as required by European data protection regulations. You can also manage cookie placement via your browser settings.

If you refuse the placement and recording of certain cookies, it may be impossible for you to access all or part of the abbey’s website and its services.

Types of cookies used:

Cookies relating to the use of the website. These cookies are required to browse the various pages of the abbey website and to use the features of the website.
Website performance cookies. These cookies are used to ensure that the website runs correctly by identifying any errors and technical connection problems. They also collect statistics on the pages visited.
Feature cookies. These cookies are used to record the choices you make and the way you use the online services (choice of language, font, etc.). The cookies listed above are never used for commercial purposes.
Cookies from other websites or social networks linked to our website, or cookies containing links and content which direct the user to other websites. These are the responsibility of the website concerned.

Data protection
We are committed to protecting your data. We will never use it for marketing or for any other purpose beyond providing our services. The personal data that we collect, such as the URL of hypertext links or your IP (internet protocol) address, are collected in accordance with data protection legislation, solely in order to provide you with the best possible service when you contact us, in particular to make a booking or organise an event.

We collect your data when you communicate with our sales department, and when you browse the www.abbayepremontres.com website. Your data may also be collected via the booking form available on our website, where you will be required to enter specific information in order for us to provide you with the service you have requested.

The data we may collect in this way includes:

Your first and last name, email and postal address, for example for billing purposes, together with your phone number.
Your login and passwords (if you create an account on our website).
Written correspondence if you communicate with us or send an email.
Personal information about you, such as your age (whether you are over 18), in order to ensure you are eligible to exercise your rights, and your lifestyle preferences, such as your food choices in order to serve you breakfast and allocate you your choice of hotel room.
URLs of hypertext links and your IP address.
Payment information (bank account data) when you purchase a service or make a booking.
The content and any comments you post online on social media or other websites in relation to our services (scores, recommendations, reviews, etc.).
We do not collect any personal data concerning young people aged under 18 directly and without the prior permission of their parents or guardians. The only data we collect from young people aged under 18 is the information directly required to organise the service to be provided, such as their age, family name and given name.

The data of legally protected adults is treated in the same way. If we are aware that you are legally protected, we will not collect your data without permission from your legal representative. This permission can be given tacitly by entering into the process of purchasing a service or making a booking.

We use the data we collect strictly for professional purposes only, in order to provide you with the service you require and to ensure we satisfy all aspects of your request. We never transfer any of the data we collect to any third party. We never sell your data or make it available for marketing purposes. We only collect the data that is strictly necessary to provide you with the service you have requested. Your data will never be communicated to a third party, except in special cases where this is legally required by a public service or agency.


Data protection
We are committed to protecting the privacy of the data that we collect via our website, and the data of all our customers. We remind you that your data is never sold to or reused by third parties for marketing purposes. Your data is stored in our information systems and protected by up-to-date security systems in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Consequently, we process your data lawfully and for your benefit so that our website operates in a stable and efficient way when you browse it and in order to offer you the best possible access to our services. Your data is collected only for the purposes set out above, and is never used in any way other than as provided for by these terms and conditions. Your data will be kept only as long as necessary to provide you with the service you have requested, and under security conditions appropriate to the processing to which it is subject.

We require our sub-contractors to operate the same level of data protection as we ourselves provide.

We guarantee that we respect the rights to personal privacy of our website users and our customers. Consequently, no links are ever established between cookies and the personal data that you have provided to us. Cookies are not capable of indicating any confidential information such as your postal address or date of birth.

We assume no responsibility or liability for personal data breaches committed by a third party with a hypertext link to our website. Such websites remain the property of the third party organisations and we have no control over their data protection policies. We are therefore unable to take any responsibility for confidentiality breaches made by these other websites. Consequently, we would you like to draw your attention to the importance of reading the terms and conditions of these websites before using them.


Right to access, rectify and delete your data
In accordance with articles 38 and following of the French data protection law of 6 January 1978, supplemented by the European data protection regulation of 27 April 2016, we hereby inform you that you have the right to access, rectify and delete your data, the right to restrict or oppose the commercial processing of it, and the right to data portability.

You can exercise these rights by sending a letter to the manager of the Centre Culturel, including the information we will need to verify your identity (family name, given name, email or postal address, a photocopy of your identity document and your signature) to: Centre Culturel de l’Ancienne Abbaye des Prémontrés, 9 rue Saint-Martin, 54700 Pont-à-Mousson, France


If you have any questions regarding to data protection or wish to get in touch with us for any other reason, please complete the form below or call: +33 (0)

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