Apero’Expo “Samurai. Myths, cult and culture”

Established since 2018, the apero’expo became a major awaited event in the cultural program of the Prémontrés Abbey cultural center. The entries being limited and the event popular, it is advised to book  early.

Come take the "apéro" at the Abbey !

As an original way of sharing an appetizer for 2, between friends or in family, the apéro’expo will allow you to discover in a convivial atmosphere a rich panorama of works linked to traditional equipment of samurais, spirituality and the practice of the arts.

At the same time, Rei Hayashimoto, a professional calligrapher will offer you a demonstration. She will show you artistic writing and sumie allowing the public to feel the lightness of the brush and to comprehend the beauty of the gesture in these traditional Japanese arts.


Commented interludes around the works exhibited will also be offered by two mediators. Through these interventions, the public will be able to navigate between the different exhibition spaces and broaden their knowledge about samurais, understand the complexity of these war beings and maybe break a couple of preconceived ideas. The focus will be on:

·       The weaponry of the samurai caste as well as the attributes of the war lord, the daimyo.

·       The spirituality with the presentation of Shintoism and a part of the Japanese Buddhist pantheon. 

·       The history of Nô theatre and its representation

·       The tea ceremony and its codes

·       The art of lacquer and its expertise


On the taste buds’ side, you will be able to taste wine, abbey beers or local fruit juice, accompanied with makis and california rolls as well as an assortment of charcuterie, cheese and vegetable dips.


It is possible to arrive early to visit the monument.



You can register directly onlince. Should you have any difficulty, please contact Natasha Miclot at +33 3 83 81 10 32 (Monday to Friday) or by email : animations@abbayepremontres.com. Limited number of entries.

Register online

//Organization : Former Prémontrés Abbey cultural centre in partnership with Rei Hayashimoto.//