[Beyond the walls] Japanese cinema cycle – For children (and adults too !)

From May to August, alongside the exhibition “Samurai. Myhts, cult and culture”, the Concorde cinema venue of Pont-à-Mousson programs a wide range of Japanese full length features as well as animated movies destined to everyone. Including classics, children’s films and new releases, the programme is a unique opportunity to (re)discover the richness and diversity of Japanese cinema in the original, subtitled version. Activities may be organized for some of the screenings.

Information and box office at Concorde Cinema : 03 83 82 93 15 /

Kikujiro by Takeshi Kitano

(1999, comedy, 2h01)
On the roads of childhood.
Audience : 10 years and up.

Masao is bored. School vacation is here and his friends are all gone. He lives in Tokyo with his grand-mother who is always busy at work. Thanks to a friend of the old lady, Masao meets Kikujiro, an aging yakuza who decides to accompany the boy in his search for a mother he doesn’t know. It’s the beginning of an odd summer for Masao…

Screening : May 22nd at 10 A.M.

The Cat returns by Hiroyuki Morita

(2003, animation, 01h14)
Discover a wonderful world.
Audience : 7 years and up

The life of Haru, a young highschool student, is suddenly turned upside down on the day when, while she was coming back from school, she saves the life of cat who almost got ran over by a truck. But it isn’t just any cat, he is the prince of the cat kingdom…

Screening : May 29th at 10 A.M.

Josee, the tiger and the fish by Kotaro Tamura

(2021, animation, 1h38)
A poetic and moving discovery of the world
Audience : 8 years and above

Kumiko, who's been paraplegic since her childhood, lives with her grand-mother who shields her from the outside world. She rarely goes out and created her own universe, based on her readings, her fascination for the sea and thanks to her vivid imagination. She asks to be called Josee, inspired by the name of an heroin from a Sagan novel.

Screening : June 5th at 10 A.M.

Your name by Makoto Shinkai

(2016, animation, 1h50)
The greatest success of Japanese animation.
Audience : 10 years and up

Mitsuha, a teenager stuck in a traditional family, dreams of leaving her birth mountains to discover the upbeat life of Tokyo. She is far from imagining she will be able to live that urban adventure in the body of…
Taki, a young highschool student from Tokyo, busy between his part time job in an Italian restaurant and his many friends.

Screening : June 12th at 10 A.M.

When Marnie was here by Hiromasa Yonebayashi

(2014, animation, 1h44)
A tale of growing up.
Audience : 12 years and up

Anna, a lonely young girl, lives in the city with her adoptive parents. One summer, she is sent in a small village, north of Hokkaido. In an old uninhabited house, at the heart of a swamp, she is going to become friends with the mysterious Marnie…

Screening: June 19th at 10 A.M.

Lu over the wall by Masaaki Yuasa

(2017, animation, 1h54)
An ode to an inventive and colourful sea.
Audience : 8 years and up

After his parents’ divorce, Kai, a lonely teenager, leaves Tokyo for a small fishermen village. To pass the time, he composes electronic music and joins, half-heartedly, a band composed of two of his highschool friends, Yûho et Kunio.

Screening: June 26th at 10 A.M.

Fortune favors lady Nikuko by Ayumu Watanabe

(2021, animation, 1h37)
The beautiful portrait of a mother.
Audience : 12 years and up

Nikuko falls in love easily. She's a single mother, plump and proud. She likes to eat, joke around, and has a weakness for men who aren’t always worth it. After spending half of her life moving with her daughter Kikurin, she settles in a fishermen village. Until the day a secret of the past resurfaces.

Screening : July 3rd at 10 A.M.

Ponyo on the cliff by the sea by Hayao Miyazaki

(2008, animation, 1h41)
A fascinating spectacle.
Audience : 5 years and up

As he plays on the beach, little Sosuke finds a small goldfish girl named Ponyo, stuck in a jam jar. Sosuke saves her and decides to keep her.

Screening : July 10th at 10 A.M.

Children of the sea by Ayumu Watanabe

(2019, animation, 1h50)
An immersion into the invisible.
Audience : 9 years and up

Ruka, a young highschooler, becomes friends with Umi, who seems to have the gift of communicating with sea animals. Ruka is fascinated. One night, supernatural events happen…

Screening : July 24th

Wonderland, le royaume sans pluie de Keiichi Hara

(2019, animation, 1h55)
An ecological fable.
Audience : 8 years and up

Akane is a daydreamer. The day before her birthday, she visits her aunt, who is an antiquary, in order to pick up her gift. In the strange jumble of the shop, Akane puts her hand on a magic crystal. Suddenly, a secret passage opens, and an alchemist from another world named Hippocrate appears.

Screening : July 31st at 10 A.M.