Concert “Voices of the conservatory”

As part of its cultural program, the Prémontrés Abbey invites the students of the Voice department of the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de l’Eurométropole of Metz to perform on the stage of the abbey church. About 160 voices will sing under the arches for a 1-hour free and open to all concert.


On the program:

The choir conducted by Emmanuelle Guillot-Droullé, Jean Anderbourg, Anick Hoerner-Pignot and Bertha Sgard is composed of high school instrumentalists from 2nd and 3rd cycle CHAM classes (classes with special timetables). Each year, the choir performs various repertoires to practice different styles. On the present occasion, it will focus on Mozart and Haydn, with entertainment pieces written for artistic soirees in Viennese salons. Choir singing not only develops strong vocal expression and socializing skills; it is also a very good training for ensemble music, a pedagogical tool to develop musical memory, fine hearing, body perception, rhythmic feeling as well as a musical and polyphonic ear. 

Juan Carlos Morales and Aurélie Bègue’s classes harmonize with Jean Valéry Bartholmé et Romain Fargeas’ guitar classes to offer a musical trip from Renaissance to the 20th century. In these dire times, sharing remains an endless source of happiness which they invite you to use.

The vocal ensemble conducted by Annick Hoerner, constituted of about 40 choristers, mostly Conservatory students in choir conducting, singing, or musical training, regularly performs in the conservatory and occasionally beyond its walls. Their repertoire is wide, ranging from medieval to 21st-century music, mixing folk and erudite, as well as sacred and secular, music.

And Juliette Boubel’s piano accompaniment class


//Organization : Prémontrés Abbey in partnership with the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional Gabriel-Pierné de l’Eurométropole de Metz.//


About the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional Gabriel Pierné de l’Eurométropole of Metz

This establishment is dedicated to the learning of music, dance and theater, and both its educational and artistic programmes are certified by the French Ministry of Culture. It welcomes more than 1,600 students each year: children (from 4) as well as adults, beginners and future professionals alike. Through a diverse training course, it offers about sixty artistic fields. The team is composed of a hundred teachers and about twenty administrative and technical agents.

Its 6 missions are as follows: Provide a quality teaching with state-qualified teachers in the fields of music, dance and theater; provide a training for all age-groups; lead awareness actions about musical practice in schools and hospitals; offer a musical course adapted to disabled children; develop networking with other conservatories of the Eurométropole of Metz and the Grande Région and participate actively to the artistic life of the territory through an annual programme of more than 200 activities.