Introduction to Japanese Calligraphy

Developed in China and transmitted to Japan during the Nara era, Japanese calligraphy still represents today an important part of Japanese culture and is taught from primary school onwards. We still use that traditional writing art in Japan to write greeting cards on New Year’s Eve. That way, the “Kakizome” (literally “first writing”) has been perpetuated for centuries in japan. This first calligraphy of the year reflects, through a kanji, wishes and resolutions for the year to come.

The Shodo 書 道, mostly known as Japanese calligraphy, is a traditional art involving handwriting to form letters with the help of a brush dipped in ink. During a two-hour workshop, Rei Hayashimoto will walk you through the use of the equipment (rice paper, brush, ink) and will guide your brush. You will be able to experience traits and comprehend the different types of characters: Kanjis (Chinese ideograms), Hiraganas and Katakanas (phonetic symbols). Each participant will be able to take their creations back home. This workshop will also be the occasion to discover some specific terms and approach the topic of Japanese culture.


About Rei Hayashimoto

Born in Japan (Kyoto), Rei Hayashimoto has practiced Japanese calligraphy ever since she was four. Impressed by the dynamics behind the movement of the brush and the delicateness of chinese ink painting, she has learned this art since primary school.


After being a student at the Institute of Japanese Calligraphy NIHON SHUJI of Yokohama, she obtained a master certificate (called “Shihan”) in 2005 which allowed her to teach. She moved to France in 2014, near Metz. She now hosts workshops, teaches sumie, calligraphy and offer works she personalizes with calligraphed names.




You can register directly online. Should you have any difficulty, please contact Natasha Miclot at +33 3 83 81 10 32 (Monday to Friday) or by email: Limited number of entries.

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//Organization : Former Prémontrés Abbey cultural centre in partnership with Rei Hayashimoto.//