Meeting in the Garden 2022

The “Meeting in the gardens” event is the occasion to discover the three gardens of the Abbey and to participate in the different activities organized specifically for this occasion.

This manifestation, created in 2003 and to European reach since 2018, is the occasion to discover the diversity and the richness of the garden world. To celebrate this new edition, the Prémontrés Abbey invites enthusiasts and beginners of the floral world to discover freely its park and to participate in many activities around nature. Placed under the banner of exchange and creation, commented walks and workshops will be offered throughout the weekend.




June 3rd

School-dedicated day

During this privileged day for the school public, students will be able to stroll through the four gardens of the Prémontrés Abbey for a guided tour. Recreational and adaptable in regards to the ages of the students, this moment will allow them to acquire a new knowledge around the different types of gardens and to learn more about the symbolism of flowers. The tour can be followed or preceded by a packed lunch in the heart of the garden under the Waterfront Gallery.

From 10 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. upon registration with Marisa Defonte at +33 3 83 81 10 32 or by email: animations@abbayepremontres.com

June 4th

“Discover the gardens of the Prémontrés Abbey” - 11 A.M. 

This 45 minutes guided tour invites the public to explore the gardens of the Prémontrés Abbey and share a convivial moment adapted for families. Observation games and sensory discoveries will be the starting point of this botanical trip in the 2 hectares-wide green frame of the Abbey. A beautiful cloister garden adorned with fragrant plants, a vegetable garden with ready-to-taste plants and a symmetrically traced French garden will be some of the steps of this visit in the company of a mediator who will reveal their stories, uses and symbols. 

Upon online registration

Price : Entry to the monument without supplement


« Eco-print workshop: tataki zome » - 2 P.M.

The young public is invited to a recreational workshop outdoor in order to create with the elements of nature. Linked to our temporary exhibition about Japan, children from 6 to 12 will create vegetal prints with an ancestral technique called tataki zome. In Japanese, tataki means “to hammer” and zome mean “to taint”. This technique allows to taint a cloth with plants thanks to the tannin and sap contained in plants. On the program: plant picking in the gardens of the abbey, composition and hammering. All children can take back their cloth creation.

Duration : 1h30. upon online registration. Children aged from 6 to 12. Price : €6.


Dimanche 5 juin 2022

« Pottery workshop: around flowers and leaves » - 10 A.M.

Cathy Iung Develotte, a ceramist from Pont-à-Mousson, invites children of 8 years old and above to plunge their hands in clay for one workshop at the Abbey. For an hour, participants will create flowers and leaves and will learn clay moulding techniques. Once dried and fired, the ceramic creation will be available at Cathy’s workshop “Terre qui tourne” in a 2 to 3 weeks period.

Upon online registration. For children aged 8 and above. Price: €18


Dimanche 5 juin 2022

Ikebana demonstration, the way of flowers throughout time - 5:45 P.M.

During this event, Roberte Cailliez, a master of the Ohara school will invite the public to discover the thousand-years old history of Ikebana through an encounter punctuated by the creation of about 15 bouquets. These will mark, with their great diversity, the evolution of this art and will serve her as example to explain the codified principles of this art mixing aesthetic and philosophy.

Upon online registration. Price: 23 euros



« Botanical walk in the gardens of the Abbey » - 3 P.M.

This walk in the heart of the gardens of the Abbey is the result of a newly found partnership with Nicolas Perquin, founder of “Balades et botanique”. Passionate about history and nature, this botanist-guide will accompany you through the Jardin des Senteurs, the Jardin du Bord de l’eau and the Jardin de la Cour d’Honneur. He will reveal the secrets of the culinary or medicinal use of the plants and flowers you will encounter. A wonderful occasion to look at nature differently and go back home with tips and new recipes. A tour that is sure to appeal to everyone.

Upon online registration. Price : €16 (payment in cash only)


For more information, please contact Natasha Miclot. By phone from Monday to Friday (+33 3 83 81 10 32) or by email : animations@abbayepremontres.com