Ikebana demonstration – the way of flowers through time

Ikebana, or “the way of flowers”, is a traditional Japanese art based on floral composition. Its first school was founded in the 15th century. Through very specific artistic code, the bouquet physically symbolizes the link between Man and Nature. Contrary to occidental views, they must be observed as a whole (vase, stem, leaves, branches and flowers) and have the particularity of always being asymmetrical.


During this event, Roberte Cailliez, a master of the Ohara school, will invite the public to discover the thousand years old history of Ikebana through an encounter punctuated by the creation of about 15 bouquets. These will display, with their great diversity, the evolution of this art and will serve her as an example to explain the codified principles of this practice, mixing aesthetic and philosophy.

Before this presentation, which starts at 6 P.M., participants will be able to visit the “Samurai, myths, cult and culture” exhibition at 5 P.M. A welcome drink will be served by the Prémontrés Abbey in the Jardin de la Cour d’Honneur around 5:45 P.M. in a convivial spirit.



About Roberte Cailliez

Roberte Cailliez, a master of the Ohara school, followed a training by masters from Lorraine before following the teachings of Marcel Vrignaud, Grand Master of the Ohara chapter in France. Member of the Ohara Masters of Europe association (EOTA), she perfected her technique alongside European and Japanese masters. President of the Ikebana54 association since its creation in 2002, she brings this project to life with many adherents in order to promote eastern floral art through many activities. The organization of exhibitions, workshops and conferences have the idea of promoting Japanese floral arrangements and its history at heart.



You can register directly online. Should you have any difficulty, please contact Natasha Miclot at +33 3 83 81 10 32 (Monday to Friday) or by email : animations@abbayepremontres.com. Limited number of entries.

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//Organization : Former Prémontrés Abbey cultural centre in partnership with Roberte Cailliez.//