Discover an architectural jewel

Whether on a guided tour or a self-guided visit, come and explore majestic Prémontrés Abbey, a historical monument since 1919, in a setting of stone and lush greenery.

The visit centres around the cloister and its three glazed galleries in a U-shape, enclosed by a church with remarkable architectural features. Its long corridors lead to historical rooms, a stone exhibition area and luxurious staircases. The visit also includes temporary exhibitions organised throughout the year.

Pratical information

The abbey staircases

"So beautiful, so practical, so bold" Dom Calmet, 1751

The square staircase

With its distinctive sparkling crystal chandelier, the square staircase features elegant straight lines worthy of admira

The round staircase

Under the watchful eye of Pierrot perched high atop the steps with a feather behind his ear, the round staircase gives t

The oval staircase

The monumental style of this staircase is achieved by a flight of curves crowned with interlacing wrought-ironwork.

Sainte-Marie-Majeure Church

The abbey church is considered the first classical-style hall church in the Lorraine region. With a west-facing choir, the façade features three orders of architecture and majestically overlooks the Saint Martin district of Pont-à-Mousson.

The abbey church

At 18 m tall, the impressive church is full of light and boasts spectacular columns topped with Corinthian capitals.

The restoration of the choir

Restoration work on the choir began in 2014 and has revealed delicately sculpted decorations that were damaged in 1944.

The historical rooms

The calefactory (“Chauffoir”)

Renowned for its baroque-inspired decorations, the calefactory is the only room with a fireplace.

Capitular Room / Saint Norbert

The canons used this room daily to read and comment on a chapter from the Rule of Saint Augustine.

The refectory

The 18th century origins of the refectory are still very apparent, both in its floor and its three-centred arches.

Thomas Mordillac Room

This room, with its austere architecture, pays tribute to the first architect of Sainte-Marie-Majeure Abbey Church.

Stations Room

Fluted, ribbed columns adorn this room that was used as a study hall by the minor seminary.

The Grand Sacristy

With its columns and stone furniture still intact, this space was reserved for priests and used to prepare mass.

On the 1st floor

Continue your visit on the first floor of the building. On the landing of the oval staircase, explore the history of the historical monument and take a look at the library, next to the portraits of abbots and Premonstratensian architects.

The historical area

Twelve information panels retrace the origins of the "Prémontrés" as well as the great moments in the abbey's history.

The Grandpierre Library

This space holds a collection of works from the 16th to the 21st centuries, mostly dedicated to the history of Lorraine

The gardens

The Cour d'Honneur Garden

Take a stroll in the heart of this French garden and enjoy the view of the gallery from the edge of the water.

The Scent Garden

Discover this unique garden with strong geometric shapes in winter and fragrant aromas when the flowers are in bloom.

The Moselle Garden

Enjoy a quiet moment in the shade of the lime trees with a panoramic view of the town of Pont-à-Mousson.

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